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Bury the Hatchet -- Catherine Gayle
Bury the Hatchet

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Dropping Gloves   -- Catherine Gayle
Dropping Gloves


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Jo loves Duncan.

Determined to never play second fiddle to anyone for any reason, Josephine Faulkner has been refusing the Earl of Leith’s offers of marriage for well over a decade. But the time to end her ninny-hood, along with her spinsterhood, has come. Sitting with her dear Aunt Rosaline during the lady’s last days helped Jo to see what is important in life. Now she’s London-bound to tell Duncan she’s come to her senses at last.

Duncan loves Jo.

As the heir to his father’s marquessate, Duncan has always known the luxury of marrying for love might elude him. He’s taken all the time he can afford trying to change Jo’s mind. Now duty must take precedence over his heart—he needs an heir of his own. He might not love Cassandra Thornhill, but she accepted his proposal and she’s more than merely tolerable. She’s just not Jo.

Sometimes love is not enough.

Duncan announces his betrothal on the very night Jo arrives to tell him of her change of heart. Confessing now wouldn’t be fair to anyone, and it wouldn’t matter if she did; he’s far too honorable a gentleman to cry off. But perhaps she could convince Cassandra instead…

Available in 2013.